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sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010

Hummmm Freaky Friday Much?

Hiya You Guys


Soo I was wondering in my restaurant when the Saldanha room guys sent me an email saying for me to go and check the room out. Soo I ran to the bus station to be there in time but whatever. I got into the bus and went down to the room. It turned out to be one of the most small rooms I've ever saw with (to my BIG surprise) three beds stuck in it so that is a NO.

I went to Fabulas Lounge to meet AleXana and Leo we stayed there for a whyle and ended up me being late for work. (whatelse is new?) So i got there and sold a 3play right away which made me feel good about leaving early. but it turned out that when it was like 19.40 everybody had to shut down the computers cuz our supervisor wanted to tell us something (ended up being 3D comercials) WTF right?

I got ot from work at 21h and headed to Praça de Espanha to get in Belinha's car and go home. When I was in the car AleXana called me to let me know what a HELL was happening with my group. So passing that today I am in my restaurant writing this out just to let you guys know what happened today.

Quotes from today:
Ricardo: Epah o quarto é para dividir com mais 2 gajos.
Leo: Quem tem cú tem medo. E nem custa muito é só deixares-te tar deitado que isso passa.

Lu: Epahh agora com a MEO em 3D vês isso como?
Ricardo: Com os óculos do Avatar? xD...

Wish me luck tonight you guys cuz I'm going to party now...

You know you Love Me

Ricky Gama

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  1. I can't help but ask who is that AleXana you keep mentioning as a perfect stranger, you stranger?!