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quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Living In The Suburbs Is It That Shocking?

Soo.... it seems a lot of people has one of this now uh?

First of all I don't really know what am I supposed to do here but I think that when we are talking about something that doesn't really matter you end up talking about your problems and all. Well I don't really know but let's give it a try.

I woke up feeling like crap. First thought of the day "Ouch my head hurts" and probably it will be my last thought of the day. Feeling like crap a turn around to send my gf a message so that she won't be worried about me because I was soooooo not going to college with a cold like that. My mum wakes me up 5 minutes later (or I thought it was but it has passed 7 hours since 6 am :X) I went to lunch and then stright to bed again (by this far you got that I really hate being sick.) Then lets go Ricardo Get up and lets go to Lisbon because you have to go to work selling MEO to people that don't really give a crap about you but you try to sell it to them otherwise your money at the end of the month is gone. (Buuu how I wish I was born a wealthy person huh?) While I was psycho working Sandra called me and I pretended to be my mum to pick up the call soo she talks to me saying that she was going to see a house for me in Lisbon turnes out that one of the guys that was spposed to go there and live with me its too councerned about spending 30€ on the buss pass (Bu freaking Hu I spend allways 86€ and he is complaining about 30?) soo I think thats a no.
Whyle it was 8 pm my bff send me a message and my soul fell to the flour she was having problems and me stuck in that nasty little crappy room couldn't do a crap about it. I guess that my dream of having wings to fly from there wasnt just a dream HOW I WISH THAT I HAD A F*CKING JET TO GO TO HER. Soo we kinda sorted out to go and have coffee tomorrow from 10am to 16pm (coffee? Yeah right? its more that we will be telling everything about our lifes to one another) But this is me prettending to other people that im okay and laughing with my collegues from work making jokes and talking about things that only matter on that second and the next thing you know puff bye bye to your thoughts in that second. So i cought the boat and the bus and came home SUPER ^WORRIED about what happened to her. Im in my living room right now wriiting this psycho first thing to my blog.

Heyy this thing really does work xD I started a preety boring entrance and came out my day life xD...

This one was the first will you follow the other peepz?

3 comentários:

  1. I will be following the next ones. The real question here is...Will you keep writting?

    The blog thing does work when it comes to let things out.
    It doesn't make you feel better but it help organising ideas, I guess!

    @ <3

  2. Sure I'll be following whether you want to right or just sayin' to me... Your thoughts do matter even when you don't think so..


  3. Humm Wondering who said this: wish I could say the right words disse...

    Sure I'll be following whether you want to right or just sayin' to me... Your thoughts do matter even when you don't think so..