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terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

Soo? This Is Life?

Hiya Peepz

I’m sorry for the delay in writing this down but you know that a student-worker life it’s not very pleasant.

My last post was about me going to party (GOSSHHHH LOVED THAT NIGHT) my sister kinda seduced the barman and he was paying us drinks and all which led me to scream (Full lungs capacity) I LOVE YOU to my sweetheart. That night was like crazy. We were all 6 of us (Nadia, Rita, Inês, João Pedro, Marcos and me) dancing when next thing you know my BFF Rita kissed Joao and all the confusion about their date was over. After that Marcos was so drunk that we had to leave.Saturday night I really tried to shut down my brain system that has a button which says “Stop paying attention to girlfriend” because for the gazillion time she tries to surprise me and I knew she was in Sesimbra. (Ohh well sorry honey but it’s me :X). Saturday FLOW 212 concert in Fire Klub Disco was f*cking awesome because we were dancing all night long which led me to stay home Sunday and Xana and I to have some leg cramps (I haven’t danced like that for ages).

This week’s events were kinda of chaotic because I have a place to stay in Lisbon and my parents don’t agree with me leaving the nest (I think it’s all chicken parents protection).

So right now I’m writing this down and laughing as hell because of Friday night. =D

So Lisbon Get Ready because this Bitch is moving In Next week (^-^).

You Know Y’all Love Me


Ricky Gama

P.S. I’ll try to post more often but time is running short.

Byeya Peepz

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  1. There's a lot I could say about this post, but what for?
    You already know everything I needed to say.
    I love Saturday Night!